New Webpage!

We have created a new webpage for you!
The last one we had didn't do everything we wanted and the things it did, it didn't do good enough. This page fixes alot of issues we had with our old page. For example the security warnings our Mozilla users use to get are gone and the payment options have been updated.
Please have patience while we optimize the page further and we're sure you will be happy with the result in the end =)

* For the moment we have some trouble with the Euro system. While we're working on this issue you can pay with SEK.

* We are currently translating the page to Swedish. More languages will come further on!

* If you have trouble placing your order. Please make sure you update your address. It might have gone lost during the trensfer from our old system.

* If you have problems logging in. Please get in contact with us at sales(AT)

Best regards // PTA Crew